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Shin Brothers Jewelers Inc.
Wick Plaza, 561 Rt. 1 South Edison, NJ
Tel: 732-819-8090; 732-819-8091; 732-253-7430
Toll Free: 888-958-SHIN (7446) Fax: 732-909-2158
We are here for you!

Buying jewelry can be easy, if you have the right information and guidance! Our staff has been a part of our Shin Brothers Jewelers family for over 15 years. They are all skilled in providing: 

an experienced ear to cultivate the best assortment of items to cater to your needs
an educational approach to support your understanding of jewelry and making the right decisions for YOU, not us!
a transparent environment where we are committed to providing the best service for the best prices 
an eager and patient spirit that is excited to get to share an experience with you the Shin Brothers way!



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