How to make an old Diamond Engagement ring from Grandma into a Modern look?

Posted by Mr. Shin on 14th Jun 2020

How to make an old Diamond Engagement ring from Grandma into a Modern look?

 This is a simple and important question you may have when you have in hand

An old diamond ring that your Grandma wore for the first time some 65 years ago, a ring that in it’s glorious day may be the best looking ring that is a Platinum Tiffany setting with 2 Tapered Baguette diamonds on the side but now it looks tired and outdated. You have this ring as a gift from her, a sentimental one to be used for your

Engagement, what do you do? Unsure of it’s value and redesign of the ring, you come to us, as Shin Brothers are versatile and experienced jewelers who can transform this old ring to some Modern and Magical Diamond Engagement ring. We have done so for many customers as you can see now from the pictures a Grandma ring bought us by a mother and son from Staten Island, New York.

The young man did some homework by browsing our website: for listing of engagement ring settings and found one

of his liking. As for your information we have hundreds of readymade settings in stock and we also can custom make one according to your specifications by way of

CAD or Computer Aided Design. With the chosen setting in hand we allow you to come in our workshop and sit 6 feet apart and watch our Jeweler set your grandma diamond. The end result of the finished product is one to be admired for the complete transformation of an absolutely stunning Diamond Engagement ring of your liking. Please see the picture of the final product. One more thing is that as mentioned by the mother of the customer that she said her mother paid guessing 65 years ago $700 by her father and now appraised for over $10,000.00, isn’t it amazing. For a nominal fee we can update and create an Appraisal for the diamond ring for Insurance purposes.

Please if you have any questions about venturing into any jewelry work needed to be done on your inherited Jewelry please come to us, we will do our best to assist you and guide you, you make the decisions, no pressure or sales pitch as we only do good work and we guarantee it.

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