Good use of Inherited gemstones- Shin Brothers Jewelers

Posted by rich shin on 9th May 2023

Good use of Inherited gemstones- Shin Brothers Jewelers

Good use of Inherited gemstones

A customer walked in the store with 4 Emeralds that she received as a gift. She has also a old

pairs of diamond earrings that she never uses. She wanted us to make a piece of jewelry where

she could utilize both the emeralds and diamonds into a bangle. Our salesperson along with the designer came up with an elegant design which you see below.

The first step was to work on the design with CAD ( computer assisted design) and scan all the emeralds as they of different sizes and each individual emerald cannot be set of standard

castings. We sent the draft to our customer and she approved the design. The jewelry was

to be casted in 18k yellow gold. All the diamonds from the old earring were taken out and set on the bangle along with the emerald. The whole process from the time of original order to final jewelry took 3 weeks.

If you have and gemstones, old jewelry or other items that you want to make into something

wonderful, please come to Shin Brothers. We can assure you that our work will be the best and

our prices are very reasonable.