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Grandma's Wedding Ring? Turn old Heirlooms into Modern wear.

Do you have an old heirloom that was passed down to you from generations?  
Did you accept it even though it's something you really would never wear?
Has this precious piece been sitting in your jewelry box, hidden away for years?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we may have some helpful answers for you.  It is completely fine to appreciate an heirloom for solely its authentic family value.  Looks change from year to year, and having something that is passed down to you should mean a lot!  But should you leave it sitting in your jewelry box like that or have you thought of wearing it?

Depending on the condition of the piece, it may be transformed into a wearable piece of history.  For example, a client came in with her grandmother's wedding ring that was barely holding in the stunning diamond center stone.   The condition of the gold around the center stone was damaged, bent, and discolored.  It turned out that the ring was gold-filled, so there wasn't much that could be done with jewelry repair (why can't gold filled items be repaired? See our other blog post here).  

We decided to draw up a ring design with similar components to her grandmother's ring, while working with the client on adding her own flares (side diamonds, etc).  After that, we were able to put the precious heirloom into a new ring that could be passed down in a more durable condition.  

We respectfully understand the sentimental value of an item and always try to repair an heirloom as much as possible.  It can be a difficult process, but the idea of keeping the value in a different way to honor the heirloom could be the best decision for you.

We've broken down the process to 5 simple steps!

1. Call/Visit us at our main store in Edison, NJ

2. Bring in your old heirloom, pieces and all!

3. Work with our jewelry specialist to come up with the best design.  You can usually get an estimate day of!

4. Wait for our call, custom orders can take up to 1 day-3 weeks, depending on the job!

5. THE REVEAL: return to our store, be WOW'd, and job complete!

Here's some ideas that our past customers have done with us:

  • Take old stones from a worn out pendant from 1950's to put into a new engagement ring so grandma's stones can be kept with her forever!
  • Remake a father's old Navy Service charm, take the old design, cast a mold to create in 14k yellow gold
  • Take a passed down single earring from mom's old jewelry box and turn it into a pendant

Stop by today or give us a call to talk about your next plan!


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