How to make an old Diamond Engagement Ring into New Modern Exciting Ring

Posted by richard shin on 26th Feb 2021

How to make an old Diamond Engagement Ring into New Modern Exciting Ring

How to make your old Diamond Ring into something Modern and Beautiful

A customer came to Shin Brothers Jewelers after being referred by her sister

who happens to be our very good customer to have her old ring redone.

She had a diamond engagement ring which she got some 38 years ago,

now she was seriously thinking of giving it a new look.

Having pondered over this decision for a long time whether to have it redesign it now ;

having gone over many choices from different jewelers, she decided to let us do the work for


Here is the picture of initial stage of giving us the old engagement ring:

We had shown our customer many trays of finished Gold Diamond Settings

that we have already made for her to pick. After going over several setting she decided

a setting that had a Halo on top which was very appropriate as it would make her center

diamond look bigger and more in line with today’s fashion.

                         This is how the old ring looked like:

Having settled with the setting of her choice our jeweler Paul had to work over 3 hours to

have the old ring clean and then the ring sized to the customer's ring size. He had

also had to change the head to 6 prongs instead of the original 2 prongs. The reason

for changing to 6 prongs was that the diamond will be much safer and more secure.

Paul then had to take the center diamond and reset on the new setting with utmost

care as Marquise diamond with 2 pointed tips is very susceptible to breaking and

may cause major problems. Our jeweler is an expert craftsman having over 35 years

of experience on the bench was able to finish the ring into a delightful modern-day engagement


Please see the following pictures of the finished work:

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