How to make your favorite old costume jewelry ring into a Beautiful one

Posted by Richard Shin on 10th Nov 2020

How to make your favorite old costume jewelry ring into a Beautiful one

From Old to New Look

We had a very good customer who had a Coral ring which she liked immensely. It was an inexpensive costume jewelry with gold filled base metal with some crystal and attractive Pink Corals. This ring when brought in by our customer was tarnished black and the metal's surface was worn out but in spite of its undesirable look the customer loved wearing it. The Customer wanted the same design and so we suggested to take out the Genuine Pink Coral and set it as a 14k yellow gold ring.

The process of creating the same design we had to take all the stones out from the

Brass ring. With the old ring we made a silicon non shrink mold and casted it in 14k yellow gold. When the gold was ready we had to tumble it in a rotating machine to make the gold surface smoother and after which our expert jeweler was ready to set customer pink coral and some diamonds we provided to make this ring into an expensive designer ring.

After hours in polishing the finished product you will see is transformed to an Extraordinary jewelry which can be worn in style.

We showed the customer her ring and she was totally in love with it.  

So, if you any rings from the past and would like to enhance its appearance, please come to our store and our expert Jeweler will assist you without any consultation fee and we assure you that you will not be disappointed with the end result.

We value in providing the best Jewelry at the most reasonable price.

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