Posted by C on 20th Mar 2017

April Showers Bring Mom's Flowers (and Gifts) - Find the PERFECT gift any Mom!

Everyone knows finding the perfect gift for your ever-hard working mother can be tough.  She's been with you through thick and thin, attended all your games at school, drove you around to go shopping (and spend her credit card), and cooked the best home meals when you went home on the weekends.  What can make her happy other than your perfect face?  There's actually something else that may make her Mother's Day.  Here's some tips on finding the perfect gift for mom: (click on the images for link to product page!)

  • Think of her hobbies/interests.  Does she like the beach? Puppies? Disney Characters? Her job?  If there is something meaningful to her, you can get her a customized gold charm.  If you get her a charm to start with, you can eventually make her a nice charm bracelet so she can express herself in the most stylish way!

Butterfly Pendant

  • Dressy Momma? Moms LOVE to dress up too!  Gift your mom a nice piece of jewelry and a fancy night out for dinner.

  • Sporty mom? No problem.  If your mom is more of an on-the-go type of lady, there are things that can help her throughout the day.  As a busy mother, a watch can be very useful to get to all the places she needs to go. 

  • Giving on a budget? We got you covered! If the thought of buying gold sounds expensive, there are affordable options that can be beneficial in the long run. When you invest in costume jewelry that is gold FILLED*, you have little to no value.  If you purchase gold, silver, or platinum, there is ALWAYS value that sits with it.  You can sell your gold for money, whereas if you buy something from a convenience shop or mall that just looks nice, it can break within a few months.  Look into options of silver or smaller gold items. These usually cost the same as the things you buy in a mall that are made of artificial metals. Here are some examples of nice options:

    Gifts under $50

    Gifts under $150  
    Sterling Silver Leaf Hanging Earrings

  • Sentimental and Touchy? We'll help you out.  If your mom is one for family symbols and cherishing memories, we may have some gifts for you. 
  • Trendy Mama? YAS!

  • Diamonds are REALLY a girl's best friend.  If you really can't figure out what your mom will like, something shiny and pretty will usually do the trick!  Diamonds can be paired with any outfit and make your mom shine like the great person she is.  

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