Right way to hold and wear your Diamond Engagement Ring

Posted by richard shin on 18th Nov 2020

Right way to hold and wear your Diamond Engagement Ring

How to wear a diamond engagement ring without smudging the surface of the diamond

and thereby making the diamond less sparkling.

Through many years of observation and trying not to be obvious about

simple things as to how to wear a Diamond ring. I have seen so many of my customer

who bought expensive engagement rings have a habit of holding the ring with the surface of

Finger on top of the diamond table thereby making the diamond smudged and not sparkling.

There is only one way to hold the ring so that the diamond table does not have oily stain

From hand lotion or grease from food is by avoiding touching the diamond surface. The right way is to hold the ring between two fingers like holding a flower stem, the part you hold is the shank of the ring

1) Seen many times customer is seen holding the top of the ring with finger tips

Which may not be the “correct way”. Our staff cleaned the Diamond ring in Ultrasonic

Cleaner and then steamed to remove all dirt on the ring, it is clear and sparkling. Once thel

Customer holds the ring with the finger tip on the diamond table the diamond became cloudy and dull due to oil residue from the fingers

2) Simple instruction as to how to hold the diamond ring by the customer makes

The world of difference in the sharkling of the diamond,

“Learning Simple way goes a long distance towards happiness”

Please click on the video link: https://youtu.be/PffdtZtqi4I

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