Turn your Old Inherited Diamond Ring into something New and Stylish Ring: by Shin Brothers Jewelers

Posted by rich shin on 2nd Oct 2020

Turn your Old Inherited Diamond Ring into something New and Stylish Ring: by Shin Brothers Jewelers

Turn your Old Inherited Diamond Ring into something New and Stylish Ring, by Shin Brothers Jewelers

We all have some very special jewelry or Diamond rings that were handed down to us by our parents or grandparents. These Jewelry commands individually great sentiment according to each person, a feeling or sense of history that is handed down to you. In its original state the jewelry may not be appealing due to change in style from generation to generation but the piece has always retained its intrinsic value, for example a jewelry purchase in the 1950's cost $800; current value may be around $5000.00. Please bring to us for evaluation, we can give you ideas as to what can be done to the old jewelry to make it look pretty. We have instore many settings for rings, pendants and earrings to help you

Incorporate your piece according to your desire you have in mind.

Our consultation is free and most of our jewelry work is done on premise. We have many years of experience to guide you and we are always aware of your need to save money and procure the most for the amount spent.

Here in the video and picture a customer came to us with a Diamond Ring her mother gave her, the ring was about 40 year ago when her mother got engaged. It was very sentimental for her to have such

Treasure she inherited and wanted that Diamond to be part of her new life with her husband.

If you have any question please contact us and we will be happy to assist you:

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Customer origin ring given to her by her mother which maybe 40 years old


We help design the ring by using 14K gold Diamond Halo setting top to be soldered into

New diamond Halo setting ring. The purpose was to make the customer diamond more prominent by adding a layer of diamonds to surround it. It is a way to make diamond which is less than 1 carat to look like it is 1.50 carat.


The work in designing and finishing the ring was done in a time span of 2 hours. The Jeweler had to take the old diamond out of the ring and have it cleaned thoroughly. He had to solder the halo top setting to the diamond setting; it is a tedious job to solder the top correctly by hot torch then he sets the customer diamond onto the new ring. This type of work to set center diamond needs special skill which our Jeweler Paul is well equipped with.

After the diamond is set, Paul takes the ring to be polished, cleaned and Rhodium. The process of Rhodium is to plate the ring with extra white metal to help it look brilliant.

Please see the link for the work done above.


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